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Posted Apr 23, 2018


The 22nd Annual Baggataway Festival will host 168 Teams

‚ÄčReady To Play Baggataway?!?!

**Team Schedules**

1)     Download "Tourney Machine" app to your phone

2)      Search for an Event / Select "Lacrosse" / Select "Ohio" / Search Under "April" / select “Baggataway

3)      Scroll/Search for each team you want to follow in order to view their schedule

There were many requests on start times, staggering teams for coaching limitations, and avoiding matchups with teams played during the season.  The majority of requests were able to be accommodated but not all of them. 

**Field locations / Baggataway Rules**

·       You can find and view these on the app. 

·       Updated field maps with detail will be distributed prior to the tournament.

**3/4 Boys**

·       The Boy 3 / 4 competitive division was folded into the developmental division due to lack of adequate teams.

·       If you registered an “A” team and a “B” team, please even out your rosters and field equal strength teams

·       There will be no score cards for Bantum play to encourage learning and focus on development.  This is a festival and not a tournament


·       Parking across the recreational fields will be more limited than in years past due to other community events held at the Performing Arts Center. 

·       Parking west of the Medina Recreational Center Pavilion in the back. 

·       Parking is available in the lot west of the High School. 

·       We will have several 6 passenger golf carts to help people get to and from that parking lot as we expect parking to be full around the pavilion. 

·       Please allow 5 minutes to walk from that parking lot to the recreational pavilion. 

·       Please ask parents to respect our parking staff.  They are there to help everyone to park efficiently as possible!

**Field Maps**

·       Updated field maps are being worked on and we expect to distribute them sometime in the middle of next week. 

·       We will be using a new space referred to the “West Green” just west of Ken Dukes stadium at the High School which will be utilized for two small fields for bantum play.  These will be labeled “3A” and “3B”.

 **Check in & Information**

·       Coaches or team representative can go to the pavilion either at the recreational center or at Cunningham at the beginning of the day so we know you are present for your matchups.   

·       We will be handing you a contact card in case you need to request a trainer, or get a hold of MYLA representative or tournament director.