Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have never played before, does that matter?
A: No, as a matter of fact more than 1/2 the players are in their first years. We are here to teach the fundamentals of the game to get you prepared for Lacrosse at the next level.

Q: Why do we have to register for US Lacrosse?
A: Our club holds it's insurance through US Lacrosse. To keep our registration fees low we utilize the US Lacrosse insurance binder so that we do not have to pass the cost of an expensive Insurance policy on to our members. Also a US Lacrosse membership comes with extra benefits for their members.

Q: Do we have to buy our own equipment?
A:Yes and no, The club does have a limited supply of equipment for players. We do not provide sticks and gloves. We have links on our website to stores that supply great starter packages. If you choose to buy, that gear is something that you can wear for a few seasons and you can replace and upgrade as your player progresses through the sport.

Q: What equipment does the little feather group need?
A: The Little Feathers are a Developmental group that only needs a stick. The Club will provide a starter stick with registration that is your to keep. they will use smaller goals that are proportionate the size of the players. You can purchase as much equipment as you want for this level but it is not required.

Q. What equipment do you need?
A: Competitive teams will need the following; For boys a helmet, stick, shoulder pads, elbow pads and gloves. for girls a set of goggles and a stick, girls gloves are optional. The new helmets for girls can be worn but are not yet required this year.(they may be in the future) Cleats are suggested, some fields we play on in the spring can be wet so cleats are very helpful. The players in the developmental group will only need a stick.

Q: How long does the season last?
A: Lacrosse season starts in March with indoor practices. We will head outdoors in the last week of March and go till the first weekend in June.. We will practice Monday through Wednesday 6-7:30.

Q: What fees do I have to pay?
A: You pay for the level your player is at. If you have a developmental player (k-1st)you pay $55, this includes a free String King Stick. If you have a player that will play in full equipment on the 2nd/4th grade Bantam team, 5th/6th grade Youth team or the 7th/8th grade Middle School team you pay the $180. You only pay one of them. You will also be required to register for US lacrosse separately on their website, cost is $25 for the membership. The cost for us to buy your starter package is $250. Only pay for what you are signing up for. We have a $300 family limit for multiple player families.

Q: If my 1st or 2nd grade boy or girl has played before and/or they do not want to do the developmental group what will happen?
A: As long as the parent is ok with them playing up that is fine, remember you will have to pay the registration fee that covers the Bantam team $180. Your player will be playing in games/tournaments and we will be paying for that.