2018 Middle School State Tournament link
Tournament Information
Posted May 7, 2018

Layout for 2018 is the same as 2017 (Map Attached)- Fields 1-7 are located on the Dublin Scioto High School (DSHS), 4000 Hard Road, Dublin, OH  43016; Fields 9-12 are at Emerald Field located at 4040 Wyandotte Woods Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016; and eight games, out of 137 scheduled for this weekend, will be played approximately a mile away at Davis Middle School, 2400 Sutter Parkway, Dublin, OH 43016.  There is no field 8.  Please study the brackets and be aware of where your games will be played and take the steps to get to the location on time.  We will not delay the start of any games because of "travel time."   

For planning purposes, everyone's second game on Saturday, regardless of the outcome of your first game, is scheduled to be played 3 hours after the start of your first contest.  For example, if you play your first game at 8:00am, your second game is scheduled to start at 11:00am.  Every team will have two games on Saturday.  Sunday's game time will depend on the team's success in the first two contests and your team must participate in all their games.  

Important Tournament Informati on (please pass this along to your team)

  • Coaches are asked to check in at the Visitors Tent located near the entrance to the DSHS Stadium prior to their first game to get any last minute instructions and to pick-up some materials, t-shirt orders, etc. 
  • In order to get all 137 games completed during this weekend, we must start on time for each round, no exceptions.  Please plan accordingly and be ready to start at the designated time. 
  • All games are regulation OMSLA contests with 8 minute stop time quarters (additional OMSLA Rules on the Rules and Regulations page of the web site). No horns. OT will be played because we do have teams advancing toward a final standing.  Again for 2018 - the six divisional Championship games, and only those 6 games. will be 10 minutes stop time quarters.
  • For the Tournament, a game ejection by either a player or a coach will result in a suspension for the remainder of the Tournament regardless of when it occurs.
  • Water will be available at each field.  However, the teams must supply their own cups/water bottles.
  • The Tournament will have volunteer(s) at each field, but each team must supply its own scorekeeper, timekeeper and timers.  Teams must also supply the end-line balls.
  • Scores.  Coaches, the volunteer on each field should be reporting the final scores to the Stadium Ticket Booth.  Please help us and make sure, before you leave, that the score did get reported and it is accurate. 
  • Each team must play their contests as specified by the Tournament schedule on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Fields 9-12 are located at Emerald Park.  Emerald Park is connected by a paved pathway to Dublin Scioto HS - about a 15-20 min. walk.  Parking is at Emerald Park is limited.  Davis Middle School is not convenient for walking.
  • Parking will be at a premium creating some delays in getting into/out of lots.  Please arrive early.  
  • There will be a fee charged to everyone entering the DSHS parking lots. There are 2 options: all weekend pass for $15 (unlimited re entry) or single entry pass for $5(no re entry) 
  • Park in designated areas only as Dublin City Police will ticket and tow those parked illegally.  Please don’t park in church lots, or other private property without the owner’s permission.  Buses should use the front semi-circle entrance of DSHS for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Tents, not to exceed 10’x10’, are permitted in designated areas only.  No Tents are permitted at Emerald Park.  Seating is available on the DSHS Field #1 and #2, and Davis MS only.  You will need to bring your own seating and should sit in designated areas only.
  • No grills(gas or charcoal) or fires of any kind are permitted at DSHS or Emerald Park.
  • No alcohol or tobacco is allowed on school or park property.
  • Please, this is 100% volunteer managed event.  Your help in maintaining the grounds, picking up after your teams, and using the trash containers is appreciated.